Why Choose Us?

We STOP any potential issues before they happen

Lighting design can be a complicated matter, involving numerous contractors, suppliers and components. With so many variables, there are some fundamental things which can go wrong, delay your project and incur additional costs. At Ember Lighting our focus is on stopping these potential issues before they arise:

Suppliers only supply, they don’t know if your design works technically

Lighting suppliers don’t curate or check the design for connectivity and compatibility, they simply supply the components you ask for.

As a managed lighting supplier we both supply the designs you require and we ensure they work, avoiding frustration and unnecessary wasted time.

Lack of technical knowledge can lead to technical issues

The world of lighting components is evolving quickly. We stay up to date with the latest technology that even lighting designers/suppliers may not have. Most technical issues appear on site, when it’s the most inconvenient and expensive time to address them.

We thoroughly test all components before they arrive on site meaning they work as intended at the first time of asking.

Lack of ownership can blur the lines of responsibility

Lighting supply can involve numerous suppliers from the UK and beyond as well as designers and contractors. We are your one point of contact to handle everything. You take delivery, we take ownership.

We simplify and streamline lighting supply creating clarity and ensuring success.

Bulk delivery of components can cause further issues

Most lighting deliveries are made in bulk. This can delay installation as you have to make sense of which components go to which part of the project.

We not only check for compatibility and connectivity to ensure everything works, but deliver the components to site in curated packs, when they are needed to ensure a logical and seamless installation with no compatibility or delay issues and no storage or security issues.


You don’t need a lighting supplier, you need a managed lighting supplier. Call us today

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