Project Planning

When do I need to order my lighting?

There are a number of factors that will affect when you need to order your lighting.

Firstly you will need to consider how you are buying your lighting, as this will influence some of your decision-making. We have a helpful guide on ‘how to source your lighting’.

There are some general principles to follow:

  • Products made in the UK can have a lead time of up to 6 weeks
  • Products from abroad will generally take up to 10 weeks to be delivered;
  • Some specialist or bespoke products can have even longer lead times, even up to 30 weeks;
  • Lighting products need to be on-site for either the first fix (wiring) or second fix (installation);
  • Allow up to two weeks for quotes to be produced by suppliers;
  • You should allow time in the schedule for the lighting to be organised once it is on-site. This includes grouping it by room or circuit and matching up the drivers and accessories.
  • When the lights are delivered, make sure you have a plan for where they will be stored securely until installation. Missing or stolen lights could result in large delays and costs.

Essentially there is no one size fits all approach for when you need to order your lighting. By understanding the different factors that need to be taken into consideration, you’ll be able to order your lighting at the right time to ensure it is ready when it is needed.

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