"Ember are the gold-plated solution to lighting supply. The client gets exactly what they want and the contractor gets exactly what they need.

The team at Ember have taken their experience and had a long hard look at lighting supply and come up with a service unlike anything else I have experienced. Ember have a genuine working knowledge of the lighting they are supplying, from aesthetic to installation. They remain engaged through to completion and are on hand with expert advice at every turn.

For our project Ember took what could have been an incredibly complex procurement and installation process and streamlined it. This level of service is incredibly valuable from a programme perspective, we lost no time or money to the usual supply issues and installation difficulties."

"Using Ember as our lighting supplier for the project was a massive plus. They took our initial lighting design and made sure that the fittings and equipment being proposed were all fit for purpose.

Ember managed to plan far enough ahead and anticipate lead times of certain products, ensuring they were ordered in good time to be available for our electrician at the correct time. The goods arrived packed up by circuit which provided further time saving on site.

They were able provide guidance about equipment compatibility and were on hand until project completion to advise on installation issues. Far from being a "box shifter" Ember truly do provide an excellent service. We’ll be using them again for sure."