Plaster in light fittings – what are they?

Plaster in light fittings, sometimes called trimless fittings, have become far more common on the market in the last 10 years. But what exactly are they?

Plaster in fittings are light fittings that have no visible edge to them, giving them a seamless finish in ceilings and walls. The name ‘plaster in’ comes from the fact they have a hidden frame that is plastered into the wall or ceiling. This allows the fitting to be installed and not have any visible trim or edge. As plaster is generally quite weak at corners, a supporting frame is required to stop it from cracking and maintain the sharp edges at the opening.

While plaster in fittings definitely looks cleaner, sleeker, and more discreet, it is important to know that they require much more planning and installation. The frame needs to be on-site for the first fix – when the wiring is done – to allow them to be installed before the walls or ceilings are plastered. The plastering itself will take longer as well.

However, even when taking these challenges into account, plaster in fittings are worth considering for the excellent finish that can be achieved.


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