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Ember Solution

Our L.E.D. process enables us to deliver real savings

L – Lighting

Consulting with both you and your clients, we can create the perfect lighting design for your project. This will ensure that there are no delays when your installer starts work. 

E – Efficiencies

With an agreed lighting design we can ensure that all the technical issues are resolved before items are delivered to the site. Changes can be easily assessed and implemented into the existing agreed design.

D – Delivered

All items are delivered in room installation packs. With all items pre-checked for compatibility, this ensures a quick and easy installation, reducing the need for returns and snagging.

How do we deliver L.E.D?

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Consultation with client

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Project planning to prevent delays

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Tailored product packing

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Technical expertise throughout project


L.E.D. delivers on both time and cost savings, making the planning, design, sourcing and installation a smooth efficient process. This allows you to focus on delivering an exceptional project for your client, on time and in budget.


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Our services

Tailoring our services to suit your project requirements


Ember Standard

Using our LED Process, we provide support from the beginning to end of your building project, keeping everything on schedule and resolving any issues promptly. 


Ember Premium

Ember Premium is for projects where there has been no lighting design produced, and the client wants help. We would produce plans and schedules, making sure our partners are fully supported so that they can get on with the important work of building their client's dreams. 




Consultation with client

Fully detailed schedules

Detailed Technical Sheets on all Products

Staged Deliveries to match work on site

Tailored Product Packing, room by room

Full Technical Support throughout project

Full Lighting Plans

Setting Out Drawings

Load Chart for specifying control systems

Detail Drawings of built in lighting

Design meetings with client

Site meetings with contractor

Ember Standard







Ember Premium


Become a partner with Ember Lighting and save money and time, while having happy clients

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