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Ember are a managed lighting supplier. Where most lighting suppliers just provide the components they are asked for, we take the time to ensure every component is not only specified and compatible, but delivered on site, on time and on plan to ensure everything works. First time.

From a kitchen extension to a large, multi-story house or commercial project, we specify and manage the supply of lighting components to ensure every light shines bright. First time.

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The problems we solve

Lighting design can be a complicated matter, involving numerous contractors, suppliers and components. With so many variables, there are some fundamental things which can go wrong, delay your project and incur additional costs.


Our approach is designed to mitigate these common risks, keeping your project on budget and on schedule.

Our Process


How we do it

We developed our lighting supply process to address the common issues that can arise when working with lighting suppliers. Central to our solution is the provision of one consistent point of contact throughout the project. We cut out miss-communication and the confusion that comes with multiple contractors working on the same project.

Technical support and project management


Who we work with

We work with a number of different clients at all stages of the lighting supply process. From homeowners looking to bring their designs to life, to interior designers and electrical contractors, our focus is to simplify the process and ensure a seamless installation.

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